Gratia Life & Financial

Fiduciary Consultant

“Our busyness is making your busyness, better!”



 Individual Support

(Services for Hire)

Coaching, Counseling, Consulting

Individual Life & Financial Fiduciary

Financial Coaching & Software Pricing

Protective Services for Seniors

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Business Support

(B2B Contracting)

Are you understaffed?

Do you need short or longer-term help?

When you are in a pinch, contact us!


We can be your…

Back-Up • Go-To • Substitute • Emergency Resource

Business Assessment / Trouble-Shooting

Individualized Solutions

Confidential Advisor / Consultant / Coach

Life & Financial Fiduciary

Referral Relationship Liaison

Joint Venture Facilitator

Customer Service

Sales, Marketing & Promotions Associate

. . .  and so much more.

Daily Rate:  $150

1/2 Day Rate Minimum: $100

Contract Services Agreement (pdf)



Creative Ideas & Solutions

In order to provide quality services, we work with a limited clientele.

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